Aulii Construction Inc Quality Control Manager (QC Manager) in Kaneohe, Hawaii

Quality Control Manager (QC Manager)Job DescriptionPRIMARY FUNCTION:Job purpose of Construction quality manager is to oversee and coordinate the planning, implementation, and supervision of the project quality control plan. This includes working with employees as well as outside agencies or consultants involved in inspections and testing.TYPICAL DUTIES:Responsible for planning, directing, supervising, and implementing the Corps of Engineers and NAVFAC requirements involving development with large-scale, professional construction services (including construction management, general contracting, and design-build).Be responsible for maintaining records relating to testing data, and applying statistical quality control procedures.Develop extensive working relationships with customers, both external and internal, in order to maximize opportunities for the company and ensure customer needs are addressed.Field construction quality control oversight. Supervise and direct on-site personnel involved in quality control work and construction services.Review designs performed by others.Prepare and review submittals and manage same through the approval process.Develop quality control reports, post construction reports and detailed progress reporting (in house).Assist in development and management of project execution strategies to include determination of task components for successful project execution.Identify forces required to execute task components.Assure, to the best of your abilities, that all materials, workmanship and construction are in full compliance with the contract plans and specifications, and all applicable building codes.Participate in meetings to resolve non-conformance areas of various construction projects. Require that defective work or material be corrected or removed until made compliant.Submittal review and approval, including recommendations for variations, value engineering, and betterments.Manage the quality control organization to control the quality of products before and during manufacture and at the customer site using a variety of testing devices and procedures to maintain product quality and to minimize costs and achieve optimum quality and efficiency for the company.Supervise and direct on-site personnel involved in quality control work and construction services. This includes coordinating, scheduling and supervising the approval of all inspections and tests of construction projects.Perform inspections as needed. Prepare and maintain inspection and performance records daily.Hold daily preparatory meetings with subcontractors and all concerned parties as needed to define QC and safety policies and procedures with each newly definable feature of work.Conduct business in a professional and ethical manner and integrate well into the project team.SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, QUALIFICATIONS, and EXPERIENCE:Educational and experience requirements include: Four year engineering/architecture degree plus minimum 5 years of construction supervision experience, engineer, architect, or equivalent combination of training and experience. Good knowledge of Corps of Engineers Quality Control Program and Certification with the Corps of Engineers Quality Control Program. Excellent supervisory, communication and interpersonal skills are essential.OFFICE LOCATION:Kaneohe, HawaiiJob Type: Full-timeSalary: $65,000.00 to $120,000.00 /year